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  1. I'm currently a Lpn II and looking to transition to Rn ASAP. I'm wanting to find a way to do my transition online. As of right now I'm in Texas but with the husband's job we could be transferring within a year or so. I'm needing something I can continue if we have to move. I have completed all my pre-requisites. My ap I and II are 5 years old. Also don't want to spend a ton on going back to school. If anyone has any suggestions of schools please let me know
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  3. by   Ultraposh
    Consider Excelsior College's lpn-rn adn/asn bridge program. Ask your questions in the Colleges>Excelsior College section or Online Distance Learning. Seek out your options and determine if Excelsior is good for you. You have the option of doing courses or credit by exam. Seems like most people do the credit by exam which is when you self study and "test out" of the course. On average people study 2-3 weeks per exam, I've seen others study 1-3 months too. Both are shorter than taking them as 8 week courses. There are a ton of threads that are helpful for anyone looking into Excelsior. I decided to go that route and am currently studying for Microbiology now. I have to complete all of my prereqs since I have none. Some through Excelsior and others that are clepable I am cleping! Search some older threads to discover some info. Excelsior seems like the quickest online. Another popular option is ISU, which is LPN-BSN they no longer have LPN-RN adn/asn
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    Oh your prereqs are done!!! Well that's great you could finish this program fast in like 8 months! That's if you complete the nursing exams in like 4 months which many have + 8 weeks for the FCCA + 2 months of study for the CPNE(granted that you get your date within two months of becoming CPNE eligible. New York seems to be the best place to get a quicker spot or cancellation opening. You seem to be in a rush I don't know what kind of studier you are but if you can do it heck, go ahead. I was going to breeze through it too even settling for a couple of "C's" but I decided to slow it down so that my gpa is good for CRNA school.
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    which book are u using for microbiology and where do u do questions from since I am also excelsior student wanted to know which book did u use for A&P.