Los Angeles Harbor College Spring 2018

  1. Hello Prospective applicants,
    I am starting this thread since application to la harbor college opens soon, thought we can share our application process and any information about the program, please share anything you want about the application, teas etc! I am currently studying for the teas and are applying to el camino and la southwest.
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  3. by   gingerbreadgirl
    Hi, I am going to submit my application tomorrow! I am also applying to El Camino and LASW. This is my 1st time applying to LAHC. I keep getting rejected by ELCO, now applying to different college. Good luck, everyone!
  4. by   Araceli24
    Hi. I will be applying to lahc hopefully will take my application this week. I just applied to la south west last week. Also applying to other laccd schools in the area, elac, lavc.
    Do you know if there are any future info sessions for el Camino?
  5. by   _xomjexo
    I submitted my application as well to LAHC I also submitted my app to LASW, I am just checking my student email to see if i hear back from them, how many time did you apply to el camino, this is my first time applying.
  6. by   _xomjexo
    I am not sure of any nursing info sessions yet, I think its probably posted now in their website since the semester already started.
  7. by   Grace31
    Hi Everyone,

    I applied at LAHC as well. I just left my application in the application bin. Has anyone received a email confirmation confirming that the school received it?
  8. by   Araceli24
    I just turned my application in yesterday.
  9. by   NursingstudentRose

    Hello everyone
    I also applied to la harbor for spring 2018. I turned in my application last week of August.
    I also attended the info session in August.
    Excited to talk to everyone on here
  10. by   Kami17
    So has anyone heard back from LAHC ?
  11. by   Grace31
    No, I haven't heard anything.
  12. by   Kami17
    Oh okay. I was getting a little worried because they mentioned that we would get an email 2-3 weeks after the deadline and that should be this past week till now. Do you mind posting on here when you do receive notice from LAHC? I'll do same.
  13. by   josephinepariente
    Hi Everyone, I also applied in Harbor College. Does anyone receive an invitation to take the teas?
  14. by   Grace31
    @Josephine we still haven't received any teas invites.

    @Kami Thanks, I will be sure to update as well if I get anything.