Long Beach city college spring 2017 nursing - page 3

Hi everyone! I recently submitted an application to LBCC and I'm super nervous! Hoping we all get letters soon! Wanted to create this to see when other people are getting their letters! Good luck to... Read More

  1. by   daryani
    I hope so, and have you taken computer and information class yet ? do you know if we have to have it before the program start or can we take it later?
  2. by   bg04
    I haven't taken the class. You need to take it before you graduate so anytime during nursing school. If I'm accepted I plan on taking it during summer ..
  3. by   daryani
    oh OK thanks!!!
  4. by   bg04
  5. by   bg04
    So I just called and there is 20 alternates.... that's a lot I'm bummed
  6. by   daryani
    yes honestly I think there isn't high chance for alternates, but still it is not zero
  7. by   bg04
    Hi did you go to the orientation today?
  8. by   daryani
    yes,I went. did you?
  9. by   bg04
    Yes, guess we have to wait again!! See who gets in the first tier !!
  10. by   daryani
    i guess so,but I just get confused. should we wait until they email us to see if we are among those five or should we first email them considering teas?
  11. by   bg04
    I asked mark that same question he said wait until I email you Thursday or Friday
  12. by   daryani
    oh, ok thanks. so we have to wait as you said. good luck!!!
  13. by   bg04
    Hey have you heard anything?