Lone Star Nursing Student Prospects / Graduates?

  1. Anyone else working towards applying in July? I currently plan to apply to both ADN programs (CyFair AND Kingwood) and the LVN program as well. I'm aiming high, but want to keep all options open. I'm taking A&P I & II for the Summer. So far, so good.

    The only class I won't have completed before acceptance is MedMicro which the advisor said might hinder me just a bit when it comes to the ADN program. Any current students or graduates can attest for this? She wasn't from the nursing department, so she was speaking in general.

    For the Fall, I am currently enrolled for MedMicro, Pharmacology, the Psych Life and Growth class that's required for a BSN, and Nutrition. The last two I'm willing to drop if I have to pay for all of them myself. The first two are absolutely necessary.

    My HESI is scheduled for the week after I finish A&P II.

    I'm considering volunteering a couple of hours a week, just to make myself standout as well.

    I made it to my senior year in teaching, got pregnant, had a very complicated pregnancy that led to surgeries and such and my daughter is no longer with us. While everything was obviously tragic, the only thing I remember being *good* (and I use this word loosely) was my interaction with the nurses. I had a change of heart in my hospital bed. Now I'm looking forward to helping people in their worst moments.

    Not looking for any sympathy or condolences. Just wanted to share why I decided to forgo what I spent thousands of dollars and many years trying to accomplish.

    My name is linda btw
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