LCON Fall 18 hopefuls/University of Memphis/Nursing

  1. i know its very early but has anyone applied to UofM nursing program yet besides myself. I am excited and nervous at the same time
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  3. by   kelizabeth18
    I am currently in the application process now. I am so incredibly nervous that I won't be accepted because I know it's very competitive. My overall GPA is a 3.52 and my science is a 3.3. I'm taking literature now, so hopefully that won't keep me out.
  4. by   baileythedove
    I applied also! I applied way back in November, so I definitely feel the anxiety. I checked my application status yesterday and it changed to "Under Review." To say I'm nervous is an understatement! I have a 3.94 overall and a 3.67 science, so I'm hoping I can get in even though I'm working on microbiology this semester.
  5. by   EMT_2RN
    I'm just now seeing that you ladies commented. Has the anxiety gotten better yet? It hasn't for me lol
  6. by   kelizabeth18
    Are we supposed to send an additional transcript to the nursing department or just the school? I feel so nervous like I'm missing something. It felt like the application process was way too easy! Also, does anyone else's application just say "submitted" instead of "under review?"
  7. by   EMT_2RN
    No you just send them to the school. The application is super easy isn't it. Mine says under review now.
  8. by   kelizabeth18
    Mine still just says submitted. Is that bad?
  9. by   EMT_2RN
    How long ago did you apply? If it still recent maybe they just haven't gotten to it yet. Deadline isn't till the 15th.
  10. by   kelizabeth18
    I applied about a week ago
  11. by   EMT_2RN
    I applied back in September so my app was probably at the top of the pile. If it doesn't say under review by the deadline I'd call them and check on it.
  12. by   EMT_2RN
    Did you call them today? today was the deadline
  13. by   kelizabeth18
    On Friday I went and toured the nursing facility and I met with the woman who is in charge of looking over the nursing applications. She said she is the only person who deals with sorting them out, so it usually will take about six weeks after the deadline. She also said mostly she is looking for a good science GPA and having those classes done. She mentioned an average GPA of a 3.2-3.4, but I don't know if she meant cumulative or science. Either way, I ended up feeling a little less anxious after talking with her.
  14. by   kelizabeth18
    The nursing admissions woman told me there were about 700 applicants total for the regular BSN, accelerated BSN, and for Lambuth. She said to get an idea of what she was working with she pulled some up, but the majority of the peoples' still say "submitted" You must have been one of the ones she's already looked at