Keiser University JAX January 2016

  1. I would like to tell everyone that I got accepted to KU's nursing program. Thanks to for tips and suggestions on how to study TEAS V. This site was/is really helpful.

    To our future nursing student,

    Do not give up on your dreams. I failed the TEAS V test the first try. Study and focus on your goals. Keep reading!

    To current nursing students,

    Who here is attending KU?

    God bless us all!
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  3. by   Cocomarie
    Hey I wanted to send you a PM but can't because I am new to the site. How is core going so far? I start core there in august! I want to know everything!!!
  4. by   ayelah_ganda
    Congrats! core is good! Our professors are outstanding! You really need to invest a lot of study time and make sure to be available mon to fri.
  5. by   Cocomarie
    So is class really 8-1, four days a week and clinical 1 day a week? Also did you purchase your books through the bookstore or through another source?
  6. by   ayelah_ganda
    Lectures are 8 to 1. Clinicals, for my grp right now is 0630 to 1530. Yes, we have one free day.. but depends on which clinical grp you are.

    I purchased my books from keiser book store because I got them free. Some of my classmates bought their books from amazon because it is cheaper.
  7. by   deborahstokes
    Which campus are you attending and do you mind if I ask for your email as I can not DM because I am new to this site?

    I am looking into the Flagship Campus and wanted to know some additional information.
  8. by   ayelah_ganda
    Jacksonville, fl campus
  9. by   ayelah_ganda
    Hey! Do you need fundamental books and pharm?