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Has anyone taken the Kaplan nursing entrance exam? I previously took the net, and applied to the nursing program at Baker for entrance into the program for the fall. Unfortunately, I did not make the... Read More

  1. by   ebellefant
    @cscholl What was mostly on the math section? Can you give a sample question? What about the reading section? Were the questions pretty straight forw
  2. by   ebellefant
    I took the test today. I got an overall 78%!!!
  3. by   bgg1
    could you guys tell me what study guide you used for the Kaplan entrance exam? i am going to take the exam around September but i want to be ready since my school only takes 10 students in for the nursing program each semester so it is a lot of competition, any advice on the test would be highly appreciated!
  4. by   enraymond
    I took the Kaplan today for Carrington College and I scored a 91.5%. This score only includes writing, math, and reading as Carrington does not test science. Would this score be enough to hopefully get me in? I scored a 96 in math, a 95 in reading, and a 81 in writing. We were tested on 71 out of the 91 total questions.
  5. by   km22
    I just took the Kaplan Nursing Entrance exam for Carrington College and I did horrible on the Reading and Writing section. Does anyone have any tips or know any books that would be helpful for me to study. Thanks in advance=)
  6. by   bgg1
    km22 what did you use to study? Is the test hard?
  7. by   bgg1
    enraymond those are great scores! what did you use to study for the Kaplan?
  8. by   enraymond
    bgg1 thank you! I wasn't sure what typical scores were for the kaplan. I used the Kaplan Nursing School Entrance Exams study guide. I've heard of a lot of people not liking it and recommending the McGraw-Hill study guide instead. I found the math section to be a lot more difficult in the kaplan study guide than on the actual test and that the "writing" section had nothing to do with the writing on the actual exam.
  9. by   km22
    I used the Kaplan entrance exam guide. The book wasnt very helpful with writing portion of the test. I think the reading and writing was more difficult than I thought. Math was easy. Dont use just the Kaplan study guide to study. I did that until last minute and started using a Barron book that helped study a week before the test.
  10. by   MADELINE2010
    Hi Everyone, Where can I find the Kaplan Study guide? Thanks in advance.
  11. by   km22
    I bought mine at Barnes in Noble. I know Amazon has it for a cheaper price. Also I would look into checking out book from your local library.
  12. by   MADELINE2010
    Thanks km22. I took the TEAS V in December and lost all hope in the BSN program. I'm scheduled to take it again in 2 weeks. This time, I'm spending more time studying than before. I started 7 weeks ago. I wanted to know how is the Kaplan exam compared to TEAS V.? Also, how many times can u take the Kaplan exam? I plan on taking it the end of Feb or early March. I guess it depends on when they send me the invitation. For those of u who took the TEas V, does the ATI manual help if I were to review it on the side before taking the Kaplan? I'm loosing hope and all comments are greatly appreciated. Thanks
  13. by   priya23
    I will be taking this test tomorrow at Carrington as well in Nevada. I pray I do well enough to get in. Thank you to all of you who have posted on this thread. From the bottom of my heart I am thankful. I shall log in and share my results. Thank you again.