I quit Chamberlain today, what a relief!

  1. There are certain benefits, rolling admissions (some places claim it, but it's really rolling registration). Price is roughly2x normal Univ. Discussions come Sun, due Wed, 2 APA referenced responses (basically APA papers) plus 2 more APA responses/3 days, plus a larger weekly assignment. Workload w/timeline isn't work-friendly. No help finding clinical sites, required BEFORE you start classes (they won't tell you, 'till a couple weeks before classes start). I had no idea they tack on $600/class, they also don't disclose upfront 'till I saw the bill swearing it was a mistake (you want to know how much, they want to tell you how much for the class alone, leaving out "other fees"). Even my adviser insisted no $600 add-on 'till a month later when I got the bill. All other universities give total price, no word-mincing. In regular university classes, you can freely discuss scholarly topics, proper grammar required, making learning more relaxed. Here's it's overly stressful APA paper responses, with references, etc. Ugh!

    In the odd chance you have a disability, they require retesting<5yrs (even for permanent, as in lifetime disabilities). This is a first of 6 Univ's in my career (not that I was asking, nor did I use it much, it but it's legit). This would mean a few thousand + a week of testing again I already went through (learned after classes started my request was rejected because >5yrs old).

    Dropping out is the best decision I've ever made! I have cumulative 4.0, but first in my life I sinking, requirements so stringent learning is a byproduct of tons of work. I'm so relieved! I'll revert to waiting another 6-9 months to get into a state university NP program. It's my own fault for being impatient.
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