Has anyone gotten an acceptance letter from Bauder for 7/31/13 start date!!

  1. I recieved my letter yesterday!!! I am excited, but nervous. If anyone has attended or is currently attending, I would like a little feedback on your outlook of the program. It is fairly new, and I know of a person that atteded. I am curious on past students in their success in job hunting, and current students that are in the program already. Also who else will be atteneding in July!!. I dont actually start until October, because I transferred in so many credits, but I cant wait until the 29th for orientation. Thanks in advance for the feedback!
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    Wow you really had a lot of transfer cred's..i had a couple from when i attended a traditional school a couple years ago but i still have to start the program in july. I'm very excited about it though and had to do my research about their passing rates with the nclex-rn but after reading through this forum and a little google it's put me at ease a bit!! Congrats on your acceptance and good luck!