Gwynedd Mercy Weekend Nursing Program Fall 2013

  1. Hello,

    Anyone accepted for Fall 2013 Gwynedd Mercy Weekend Nursing program?
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  3. by   Herbster
    Anyone accepted for Fall 2013 ASN program at Gwynedd-Mercy College?
    Just need some tips about the program.
    Any advice would help.
  4. by   lmoyer
    I am accepted there as well and was wondering the same!!
  5. by   HealthNut33
    I am currently in the weekend program. Made it through the first year. Not gonna lie it was rough every nursing program is, so not much difference there. My biggest compliant about the weekend program is the lack of communication between students and professors as well as time management/organization. It seemed unorganized on some days more than others, and on those days we had a lot of "sitting around time" which is frustrating. There are only four clinical sites per semester, which are all over the place so you can be traveling fairly far, they really do not take into account where you live (like they do in the weekday program). The current weekend coordinator is leaving not sure if thats a good or bad thing at this point. The biggest compliant of all would be that the weekend program seems to receive less attention than the weekday program from the nursing department staff.

    So now that I said the negatives here are what I think are the positives: 1. Going to clinical on the weekend is great because no one is on the road at 6am on a Saturday/Sunday and parking isnt a pain in the neck like it would be during the weekday. 2.The smaller classes are nice and there's more opportunity to get to know your fellow students and professors.

    I'd be happy to answer any more questions.

    Best of luck to you in the fall.
  6. by   juliemsoltis
    I have completed the ASN at GMC and starting the BSN this fall. It is crazy tough! The full time/weekday students do not get choices in clinical locations, many had to drive as much as an hour. The worst I had was one clinical was 45mins drive. If you do it soon enough students sometimes can trade spots but it is a process, both students must inform the powers that be and get approval.

    The nursing class grades are almost entirely dependent on your exam scores and you can only re-take (fail) one, you need to figure out how to critically think through the nclex style questions & fast!!!!! If you get less than 80 on your first one do not pass go - go straight for help!!! (75 is passing and some tests are tougher than others)

    If you hear rumors of tough instructors don't listen, yes they can be tough but some of the ones with the worst rumors are actually the absolute best instructors!! they all want you to succeed, they are all willing to help, you just need to have the nerve to speak up & ask. the 1st two semesters I was terrified of them, thought they were so tough & that i was basically on my own. I was honestly shocked to find out how crazy helpful and sweet the tough ones really were!

    clinicals - follow rules by the book! some instructors are absolute sticklers down to your socks!! always be on time & prepared!! never ever say "i don't know" you can however say "I will look that up" or something to that effect, if you are unsure about a procedure tell them, they will help but if you try to fly by the seat of your pants they can get very cranky!!! once licensed we need to speak up on anything we need training on so i think they expect you start speaking up immediately, lol always be busy in clinical, if you think you are done with your patient see who needs help, if you look like you don't have anything to do or look like you are lost you may find an instructor riding your bumm Make sure you know what your instructor wants as far as paperwork goes, one asks for full sentences and she means it!!!

    clinical paper work is very, very time consuming, you have to look up meds, some say 5, some say just what you gave, some say all the patient takes. meds can take 1/2hr or more each to look up. Some weeks i spent 4hours just on clinical paperwork, do not wait till the night before or you will be one tired puppy the next day! I did hear they simplified some of the documents so hopefully you will have an easier time than my class did

    if you have any questions feel free to ask
  7. by   wannabenurse37
    ....took me 12 h to do my first clinical papers... and one of my clinical sites was 1h and 15 min drive. Loved to getting up at 4 am every Tuesday....and let me tell you -12 h clinical day is a killer.
    Good luck.
  8. by   mforbin
    So now that you are in the BSN program, how are you liking it so far? Can you give info and break down like you did in the previous post please?