GSCC RN Program 2013 hopefuls

  1. I've applied to GSCC RN Program for Fall 2013. Has anyone else applied and would like to share information?
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  3. by   jcp1919
    I did too! I really hope I get in because I haven't applied anywhere else! The wait is killing me
  4. by   sjwytt
    Glad i finally got a response from someone. Lol Yes, i am really stressing! I havent applied anywhere else either. Do you know how long it usually takes to find out anything?
  5. by   jcp1919
    The website says it will take 4-6 weeks after the deadline of April 15, so that would be from may 13th through may 27th
  6. by   sjwytt
    Hope you don't mind me asking, but how many points did you end up with total? I ended up with 187 points.
  7. by   jcp1919
    Um ok I made a 75.3 on the teas- 113 points 30 ap 1 30 ap 2 micro 30 (still pending final grade but most likely 30) 11 for core so.. 214 if I do end up with a B in micro then 204. I know alot of people with way less. 187 sound like a very strong rank to me
  8. by   sjwytt
    Wow!!! That is a great score and your total points are awesome!! No worries, I'm sure you're in! I hope 187 is good enough and thanks for the encouragement!
  9. by   Danielle88
    I'm so glad I'm finally finding posts for this year lol I've been so nervous. How do you know that a 73.5 is 113 points?
  10. by   Danielle88
    Nevermind that said 75.5 lol
  11. by   jcp1919
  12. by   Danielle88
    Okay I just looked at it. I made a 73.5.. I hope that's good enough! That thing was a little difficult.