Greenville Tech Nursing Spring/Summer 2019

  1. I applied for Spring/Summer 2019 semester and was wondering who's applying and how many points do y'all have? I didn't get in last semester so hopefully I will this time around.
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  3. by   Lindsey0406
    Hi!I applied last seating too but did not get in. I am applying with 115. What about you?
  4. by   jma030292

    hello! I applied with a 111. I hope they take into consideration that I am applying without micro or public speaking finished.
  5. by   Lisamarie0406
    Hey everyone! I am applying with 123. Also didnt get in last time and am dreading this wait!!
  6. by   Cmar106
    I'm applying with a 118. I've heard spring/summer semesters there tends to be less people applying but guess we will see.
  7. by   Cmar106
    Does anyone know exactly how many student they accept in the summer/ spring classes?
  8. by   Lisamarie0406
    Did you get the email that the application deadline was extended to the 28th?? Wonder if that means more wait time?
  9. by   Cmar106
    No, I didn't. For some reason I can never get into my email. Does it say why they are extending the deadline?
  10. by   Kanipedavis
    Could that extension mean that there were not a lot or enough applicants? Who did that email come from?
  11. by   Lisamarie0406
    No it didn't but I emailed my advisor to ask why. She said it was because of the hurricane and the school being closed. She said some students were planning on taking the teas Friday and couldn't. I don't think this makes any sense though. I had class Friday and the school was very much open
  12. by   Lisamarie0406
    It came from HSN advising?
  13. by   Cbrown101
    It really dont make sense about extending it because of the hurricane. Esp a whole week and not just a couple of days. Now we have an extra week..ugh!
  14. by   Cmar106
    I took the teas test on Thursday and they did have signs up saying the testing center would be closed on Friday. It's still a ton of extra days just to take the teas and stuff.