Grayson College ADN Fall 2017

  1. I was wondering if anyone was applying for Grayson Fall 2017 ADN program? I know we still have time, but wanted to see if anyone on here was applying! Taking my Hesi Saturday!
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  3. by   jothos200
    Hey Firewifey, I will be applying with 21 points. I emailed Christine about the points and she told me they usually stop at 24 points. I don't even think that 21 points make to the waitlist. So it's going to be a miracle if I get in. How many points do you have.? Good luck
  4. by   firewifey
    I should have 25 if I get an A this semester and next. A lot of what ifs... I lost a point on the Hesi and made a B in A&P l. If I make Bs I will have a 22! I know some 22s got in for the Spring, but they were wait listed first. She also said the Spring is easier to get into bc less ppl apply! I hate the point system. It's so stressful lol.
  5. by   jothos200
    26 points should put you right at the point. I think points differ between springs and fall. It's quite a journey and a very stressful one.
  6. by   Chrissyb513
    Just thought I'd say hi! I'm looking to apply to Grayson in the Fall. I'm starting to get nervous.
  7. by   firewifey
    Me too! I really do not think that I will get in the first round. I have made Bs in 2 of my classes and then lost a point on the HESI I am still going to apply and hope for the best though!
  8. by   Chrissyb513
    I am retaking my A&P2 class in the spring! I made a C the first time. I should have not taken it in the summer, big mistake! I think I should have 24 points, if I get that A. Hoping so!!
  9. by   Chrissyb513
    They don't notify until around July right??? That seems so far away!
  10. by   PStar
    Did you guys think 24 points can get someone into the ADN program at Grayson College. Am trying to apply for fall 2017.
  11. by   Chrissyb513
    I'm going to apply with 24 points! I was told 24-26 points and sometimes as low as 22 points. So I'm hoping!!
  12. by   PStar
    I hope with 24 points we can get in
  13. by   shweta rauniyar
    Hi All, I will apply for the fall 17, and will be taking hesi on January...Can anyone tell me how is the test. I have 2 B's in AP and I am out of county. I want to get in any how.....want to put my all effort
    Good luck to all of u
  14. by   Chrissyb513
    Hello!! I didn't think the HESI was too hard. Alot of it I felt like was pretty straight forward. I did buy the study guide, so that was a good refresher.