Gateway lpn program spring 2017

  1. I was wondering if anyone had got an email for Maricopa County Gateway lpn program spring 2017or know when they would be going out? ??
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  3. by   Lisamari33
    I got an email last week asking which placement I wanted, day or night. when did you turn in your application?
  4. by   ldlocker
    I just got that email as well. I can't remember exactly what my time stamp was but I believe it was May or June. when did you turn yours in and do you want days or night?
  5. by   Lisamari33
    I feel like we have a good chance of placement if we got that email -- when I spoke with the advisor she said only certain peopls would get that email those that applied in spring and some summer
  6. by   ldlocker
    Thanks for the info! It seems so late to get notification in late November.
  7. by   Lisamari33
    June -and I picked either I don't care which class , which did you pick ?
  8. by   Lisamari33
    That's how I feel too - the latest we can find out is the 1st day of class, that's so stressful!
  9. by   ldlocker
    I prefer days but would take nights if I had to. I won't be able to start if it's last minuet like that. that's crazy! !
  10. by   Lisamari33
    Just be prepared either way you know ?? Plan like you are going to start regardless - and nights aren't that bad if you end up in it - it's 5-9p

    how many spots are there do you know ?? I wonder how many people got that email ?
  11. by   ldlocker
    I don't know how many spots there are. Last time I talked to them it was only a one semester wait. It's hard to get info from them!!
  12. by   Lisamari33
    After weeks of bugging them an advisor sent me this so seems hopeful

    "Thank you for your inquiry. The Program Coordinator contacts the applicants via email to verify that they are still interested in the LPN program before she does placement. She will typically do this sometime in March/April (for Fall cohorts) and September/October (for Spring cohorts), please keep in mind this process will also depend on the number of students currently on the wait-list when she sends out her inquiry email.

    She is in the process of preparing to reached out to students who had applied in Spring 2016 and possibly Summer of 2016 for the[COLOR=#0000ff] Spring 2017 cohort, [/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]depending on the number of applicants on the wait-list.[/COLOR] She will also be performing the same process inMarch/April 2017 ( for the Fall 2017 cohort) for students on the wait-list who are not placed for Spring 2017. Students are to check their emails, especially their junk and spam folders periodically in the event the emails ends up in either folder."
  13. by   Smiley395
    I got the same email and applied in April. I am super excited and hope I get in Spring.
  14. by   featheredavenger
    I received an email as well the 29th of September I picked the evening cohort hopefully I get in.