Gadsden State Nursing 2018

  1. Is anybody on here applying for nursing school at Gadsden State for 2018? I am curious about the score range needed to get accepted. I made a 20 on ACT in 2008 and if I added correctly my score right now is 30. I can up it by 6 points, by retaking some classes I didn't do so well in my first semester of college in 2009. I am suppose to attend an advising session soon, Mrs. Mayo couldn't give me a lot of information over the phone.
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  3. by   Lyn510
    Hi! I'm also planning to attend an advisement session soon. Do you know if they admit for the program in the summer or is it just fall 2018?
  4. by   darcissd
    I think they just admit fall except for the Lpn Mobility which is in the summer.
  5. by   Lyn510
    Ok thanks! Have you attended the info session yet?
  6. by   darcissd
    You're welcome. I went to one last week. She gives you a copy of the requirements, goes over the admissions process, and answers questions. Good luck to you! I'm worried about my points not being high enough.
  7. by   Lyn510
    Good luck to you as well. I'm hoping to attend a session in the next couple of weeks.
  8. by   Lyn510
    Hi! Is anyone here applying for the nursing program at GSCC for the fall?
  9. by   ealangley
    I will be applying with 32 points if I can get my ACT to transfer.
  10. by   darcissd
    Good luck!
  11. by   RHIT2RN
    Yes, I did! I chose Cherokee nights as my first option, and really my only option at this time... so if I don't get in this time, I will try again next year.
  12. by   ealangley
    Has anyone heard anything from the fall applications?
  13. by   ealangley
    I applied. What were y'alls points?
  14. by   RHIT2RN
    40 pts