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Hey everyone, I figured I'd make this for all of us planning to apply to the AS RN program at FSCJ for Fall '18. The application deadline is May 15th. Is anyone else finishing up pre-reqs right... Read More

  1. by   Kate_sivley
    I would love a fb page. It makes it easier to follow for updates
  2. by   natifante
  3. by   cassie_13
    I created a Facebook group for everyone. It's called "FSCJ Nursing Fall 2018"
  4. by   natifante
    Does anyone know where to find information on the acceptance rate for the nursing program? I'm just curious how many people, on average, apply compared to how many are accepted. All I could find on the FSCJ site was stats on students that complete the program.
  5. by   cassie_13
    By looking at previous semesters I know there are 144 seats each Fall and Spring.I couldn't find any other useful information to get an idea of the amount of applicants.
  6. by   PCABARLO22
    I took my Hesi test today. I feel as though I did horrible. My overall points are 134. I still sent in my application but am planning on retaking my Hesi in September for a higher score. The lady I spoke to said only 120 spots available for the semester.
  7. by   cabrerakm
    That is correct, only 120. Classes are 24 people with 5 teachers. Good luck everyone!
  8. by   laylaj
    dang only 120 seats? I thought it was usually 144 seats. I took my hesi and scored an A on every section and have a total of 145.56 points. hopefully that will get me in. Cant wait for June decision letters
  9. by   cabrerakm
    Should not be an issue. The acceptance points for my term was like 135 and it was that way for the term prior to mine also. Great job on your HESI!
  10. by   laylaj
    thank you!! I am so anxious to see the decision letter!!
  11. by   laylaj
    So my friend said that rejection letters were sent today which must mean admission letters must be coming soon
  12. by   dmm1028
    I'm assuming via email? Just checked my email and nothing yet... (fingers crossed)Good luck to everyone!
  13. by   laylaj
    yeah I looked at summer 2018's thread and admission letters were sent on the 2 days after rejection letters. and yes they will email you