ECPI Raleigh Reviews for LPN program

  1. Hey Everyone,

    I am about to head up to ECPI University to check out what they have to offer for their practical nursing program. I have been on a CC waiting list for a couple years and I am so over it. I want to knock this LPN degree out and be on my way to a bridge program. I would like your thoughts on their the Raleigh ECPI LPN program please, and thank you.

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  3. by   confusedNur
    Hi! I have recently did my paperwork and applied to ECPI for LPN. Their program is faster, 14 months. And their instructors, director of nursing are wonderful. You should give it a shot. Fast pace, but u can do it. I just talked to my advisor there today because i wont be able to attend anymore due to moving out of state anytime soon. So i am taking my preregs here at Wake Tech and continue into nursing program at another state. But... You should attend ECPI if ur goal is to be an LPN. I heard they might have the RN program there in January (not a 100% thing thou). Also, the campus in Charlotte NC just have their RN program. Good luck
  4. by   lmbrown75
    Hello, I will be starting ECPI Raleigh LPN program in July. I've read some horrible stories about them, but I've also talj to a few peopke that have gone through the program and loved it. I'm a little nervous myself being it's a fast pace program and I've been out of school 19 years.