Eastern international college (NJ)

  1. Hello everyone! I'm currently an LPN in NJ and I'm starting my RN program in January 2018 at eastern international college in Belleville. I'm wondering if anyone has any inside experience. I went for 2 semesters for MA but didn't finish because I wanted to do nursing so much more so I switched schools. Thanks for your time and input

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  3. by   Uniquezapata
    Hey so glad I found this post. I'm planning on applying to hopefully start January as well. I take my HESI in 2weeks! Were you able to get any information from the inside experience. What does the schedule look like I've taken al of my science courses already since I have a BA in psych but they said they only accept 21 credits so I'm going to have to retake courses even though I already have taken them..bummer..so probably nutrition and maybe algebra since I haven't taken it since 2008..& I think intro to nursing.. which classes are you registered for and the times so I can get an idea of the hours. Sorry for all the questions.
  4. by   Bariki
    am also hopeful that i will start January. am just waiting for an interview with them but for now am reading the fundamentals in nursing chapter in preparation for my NRS 101 this coming January to see and meet you in class January.
  5. by   Uniquezapata
    @bariki when do you have your interview? I got accepted! I go next week to do financial aid & my schedule..most likely for spring I'll be taking intro to Nursing ..nutrition...& a&p2..& where did u get book to prepare for Nursing 101?
  6. by   Bariki
    @uniquezapata have you received your acceptance letter and what did you tell about your class schedule and the costs.
  7. by   Uniquezapata
    Yes I was accepted. I have a&p2 tues/thurs 9-11am...nutrition tues 2:15-5:15pm...intro to nursing Wednesday 1-4pm...and tuition is about 8k each semester if you're full time if you're able to get financial aid then it might cover most..unfortunately I have to pay out of pocket since I don't get financial aid since I already have a Bachelors. Did you have your interview yet and how did it go.
  8. by   Bariki
    @uniquezapata yes i did my interview last Tuesday and the same day i was registered for castle branch which they said they waiting for the back ground search and drug screen then that's when they will send the acceptance letter,although they are taking too long since my result was out on Thursday so i expect them to call me hopefully this week. am supposed to take the same classes as you were there any other schedule offered and when does the classes start.yes am qualified for financial aid but i know it might not cover all since its expensive and i already used part of it in doing the prerequisites.
  9. by   Uniquezapata
    Yes, check your email as well. They send acceptance letter through there and then send formal letter through mail. That's the only days the classes are I believe for nutrition & intro to Nursing...
  10. by   Bariki
    how long did it take for them to send acceptance letter after the interview? sorry for the many question. where did you do you previous prerequisite
  11. by   Bariki
    @uniquezapata all is set see on orientation on Thursday
  12. by   Uniquezapata
    @bariki sorry just saw this! I got my BA at NJCU so took most of my pre requisite there and some at the county college.