Duke PNA Summer 2018

  1. Hey everyone,

    I applied a couple months ago and had to do the video recorded interview but I haven't heard anything else since. Does this mean I did not get into the program? Has anyone heard back for the summer?

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   Cbar6751
    I also did the video interview, references, and application and have not heard anything back! I think last year they didn't get back to everyone until late March early April so hopefully soon!
  4. by   guzman23
    Hi! I just heard back today and I got a Medical ICU position at the Duke University Hospital! Nice to meet you all.
  5. by   britneyalysha
    Congrats! That's awesome. Did you hear your placement via email?
  6. by   guzman23
    Thank you so much, I was at clinical and I just wanted to run up and down the unit! But, yes I did! I got the email today! I am sure they're going by region and just sending them out that way, you're going to get it! I wish you the best of luck!
  7. by   Cbar6751
    Quick question... Did your application ever move ahead on the process online? Because mine still says "under review"..
  8. by   Kates568
    Hi, I was also accepted into the program and my status still says it is under review - it said in the email that it will not change until you accept the offer and they start processing your application as accepting the position. Have they emailed you?
  9. by   Cbar6751
    No I didn't get an email yet which specialty did you get accepted to?
  10. by   britneyalysha
    I haven't received an email so I guess that's not a good sign
  11. by   Kates568
    So I heard there are different rounds for the acceptance. Just because you have not received an email yet does not mean you won't get it! I think they asked people this week and then through the beginning for April. I got Float Pool so I guess I will be all over!
  12. by   Cbar6751
    Yeah I heard they send out emails as they go!
  13. by   Kates568
    Yay that is awesome! Does anyone know how many people they accept to the program?
  14. by   jkjames32
    Do anyone know about housing options for the summer? Will the program help provide options or got to find our own place?