Drexel University 5 year co-op BSN

  1. Im currently a going to be a sophomore at Drexel University (Fall 2012) and I will be starting clinical and other things like that. However what I am most concerned is the prestige of the nursing program at Drexel University. I'm not sure as to how good the undergraduate nursing program is and like well-known to those in the healthcare world or academia and I've recently been struggling with this to stay or transfer out to a different school with a more well-known name.

    I personally have heard that the program is great, but I'm wondering if anyone in the healthcare world or academia would be able to attest to just how good this program truly is from a different perspective. It's just that sometimes I look around at those accepted at my school and program and just wonder if the school is really as good as it is as well as the nursing program as a whole. I need something with a great reputation in order to attend grad school for anesthesia or med school.
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  3. by   merlee
    Drexel absorbed Hahnemann, which had a fabulous reputation. Drexel itself has a great reputation in general.

    If you want to go to med school, nursing school is not the usual stepping stone.

    Concentrate on your education, your own specific grades will speak for you.

    Best wishes!
  4. by   drexelRN1107
    I'm currently in the drexel co-op program & will be graduating Spring 2014. I have to say its a VERY reputable school & very well known. I wouldn't have chosen to go anywhere else!! They are "in" with all the great city hospitals.. ie: Hahnemann, CHOP, Cooper, Einstein, etc. I am doing my co-op right now @ CHOP and love it! I really don't think you will have a problem with it being reputable.