Darton Nursing Program Summer 2018

  1. Hello is there anyone else waiting to hear back from Carton regarding admission for Summer 2018. If so what were your stats. And when should we hear something to see if we been accepted?
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  3. by   Nurse2b_Chelle
    Hey, me and two of my friends have also applied to Darton for the summer 2018 term. I went up to Darton a week ago bc i had received a letter in the mail asking me to reapply since I was waitlisted for spring 2018 semester and I found out that they extended the application deadline to April 9th. This is frustrating I have to know already! lol but I was waitlisted for spring 2018 my stats were 3.3 and teas 65.3 so I retook the teas in January and got an 80 so im praying that I get in this time. I packed up and moved my whole life to Albany back in September thinking I would get accepted but didn't and I didn't get accepted to Albany tech bc they only select certain classes to calculate for ur gpa and the ones they selected I had a 2.73 an needed a 2.75 smh my luck. But my roommate who I moved down there with go to Albany tech and she loves it. I stayed and got a job at Phoebe as tech in the NICU, but I still go back home to Atlanta to work at CHOA once every three weeks not going to resign from my job in Atlanta until I get accepted and for sure and know that I wont be moving back that soon. Whats ur stats? where do u live now? Have u applied to previous semesters?
  4. by   Nurse2b_Chelle
    The good thing is about applying for Summer semester is that not any people apply like they do for fall and spring. That's why Mrs. Bonnie said they extended the deadline bc it because not many ppl applied. Now this happened to me last semester they extended bc not many ppl applied. Then I winded up being waitlisted lol. So im praying for this semester for me to get accepted. Fingers crossed!
  5. by   ASNBSN
    Hello wow, your previous stats are similar to mines now. My GPA is a 3.4 and my TEAS is a 65.3. This is my first time applying. I know I check the mailbox everyday until I seen they extended the application period.
  6. by   ASNBSN
    Well I hope we get in.
  7. by   ASNBSN
    Does it matter how many times you take the teas with them or its a max of two times per year.
  8. by   Nurse2b_Chelle
    Hey! its a max two times per year. I took it twice last year so I had to wait until January this year to retake. First two times I had the same score..smh my luck! lol I think u will definitely get in bc summer not many people will apply, they haven't either that's what they told me at Darton last week. So I will have my fingers crossed for u as well. where would u be commuting from if u don't mind me asking?
  9. by   ASNBSN
    I will be commuting from Macon. Its about 1hr 45 min drive.
  10. by   ASNBSN
    So since they extended the application period, when do you think they will send out letters.
  11. by   Nurse2b_Chelle
    Im hoping by the third week in April. Online it says letters will be mailed out on May 1st but I believe we will get them before then. Last semester I got my letter two weeks before the date they said.
  12. by   Nurse2b_Chelle
    Your commute isn't that far at all as others I know that will be commuting, that's good. I live 5 mins from Darton lol im so ready!! lol
  13. by   ASNBSN
    OK I hope so, because I applied to Middle Ga State too and I think their letters go out in april. But you know you have a certain time to respond to claim your seat, I really wanna do darton though because you only go two days a week vs 5 at middle ga state
  14. by   Nurse2b_Chelle
    Yes that's exactly why I need to go to an ASN program bc I have no choice I have to work while in school so the twice a week is perfect for me. keep in touch on here when u get ur letter k. I have a lot of our books we will use for Darton already on Pdf as well from students ive met doing clinicals while ive been working at phoebe and I don't mind sharing ;-)