Cuyahoga Community College

  1. Hey guys,
    I'm a student at Tri-C right now.
    It seems like a lot of us are just doing poorly in the program and can't seem to score well on tests.
    Also, I find it weird that we put our classes into 7 credits and we don't get any lecture or lab grade.
    What I want to know, since they won't tell us, if anyone else is struggling in the program and if it seems like an unfair grading method.
    Everyone I've talked to that's graduated has done so with a low GPA (2.0 ish). I find that really surprising that this seems to be the norm.

    Let me know please!!! Thinking about dropping out.
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  3. by   nursingstudentprobs
    I go there now and yeah I am doing bad too. Failed my first test of the semester already. One of my instructors last semester said he only hands out like 2 As a semester....I don't really know who even has a B anymore, and it's only the beginning third semester. I have a 2.6, and we've lost countless instructors have been OK, but they don't seem to care that half the class keeps failing. If you can leave leave!!!