Concordia University - Portland ABSN Program

  1. Hi everyone,

    I have been doing research on nursing schools and saw that Concordia University has a new ABSN program. I have not heard much about the program or about the nursing school at Concordia in general and was wondering if any former or current student could weigh in on their experience at Concordia. I have been contacted by the enrollment specialist and it seems thorough and promising. I'm just hoping I didn't just get recruited for a program that isn't very reputable. Any thoughts are welcome!

    Thank you so much in advance.
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  3. by   briannawhite93
    I am applying as well. I don't know anyone personally that has gone, but I have a great friend who works at providence and said that the Concordia students are always really sharp. So, I'm assuming its a good program! Good luck!
  4. by   Mermaid.RN
    I've been wondering, too... I wish more people responded on here! While I would LOVE to go to OHSU's or Linfield's accelerated program, I like that CU has 3 different start dates per year, online options, and ability to start ASAP- which means working sooner. It IS expensive- but doesn't look too different from other accelerated programs. I could go the community college route, and then get the BSN from OHSU, but I'm looking at 3 years, versus being in the workforce in 16 months.

    Have you applied?
  5. by   rtvfy751
    Hey! So I live in portland and am in the process of applying to all the programs here. I've met some of the students who like the program and a few who got accepted. Be warned you will have to take some classes post acceptance and they will do a conditional interview after you get "accepted" according to the people I know who got in. You have a take a couple theology classes and their series of chemistry classes online, which seems annoying. Concordia seems to have a decent reputation from what I hear though. If you are not religious though its a strongly christian geared program with all of the values that go along with that.
    Oh! I was told by the admissions team that if you do not have the GPA or grades you are automatically rejected. They do not look at the whole picture as a student.
    Overall it seems worth applying to if you are just trying to get into a program. A lot of people here skip on it because it has a TON of hoops to jump through and its super christian. Price wise its (a little) cheaper than Linfield too.