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I was surprised that there didn't seem to be a thread for this year's applicants to Columbia's ETP program. So I thought I would start one. The information session was today, but I wasn't able to go.... Read More

  1. by   lateblumer304
    Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I had the same question. I recall a confirmation email stating that it was a 2-step process. Apparently, it isn't... they will not notify us when our applications have moved on to the committee. The only time we will hear from them is if a discrepancy arises or for fall grades. Otherwise, february is when we will be notified... Good luck!!
  2. by   SassyEmt
    I'm currently living in NY finishing up my bachelor's in psychology, I have about three more semesters left so I won't be able to get in until 2015, I'm so confused about which route to go, I have heard a lot of good feed back about NYU's accelerated nursing program and COlumbia's ETP program I've got mixed reviews. I was also thinking about Lehman's college accelerated program but I screwed in college chem one and with my current course loads I wont have time to take it over before applying to any programs. I was really set on Columbia but like I said the feedback I got wasn't so great! I'm hoping if any current or past students can help me out!
  3. by   SassyEmt
    I'm looking at a 2015 enrollment as well, I'm done with the pre reqs just need to finish up this bachelor's......... what other schools are you looking at? I'm looking at Lehman College up in the Bronx and NYU
  4. by   columbiauniFNP
    I am a current ETP student at Columbia:

    @dee789 - Regarding class size. Over the summer semester (June and July) there are lecture style classes 3 days a week, lab style class once a week, and clinical once a week. The lecture class size over the summer is the entire program in all of your classes, so classes are about 150 students give or take. Though this is a large class, it does not feel like your typical "big lecture class", you are not just a name/number on the professor's roster, by any means. Class size within the lab style classes are as follows: you are split up into roughly groups of 4-6 for the "skills" lab and then groups of 2 for the "physical assessment" lab. Clinical groups are about 10 people per group.

    For the rest of the first year (Sept-Aprilish), the entire program is split up into 5 groups (called 5x5 groups), and the rest of the rotations' lectures (like psych/peds etc.) are a class size of about 25-30. Though you do have one lecture class a week that is the entire program (150ish students), which is pathophysiology, class size is not an issue whatsoever. Clinical groups are also smaller for the rest of the year, my group only having 5 in it.

    @midlifeadvantage - Yes, you do have class or clinical 5 days a week. I commute daily and do not live in NYC. Parking is anywhere from 9-12$ a day and there are many parking facilities within five blocks.

    @ Sassyemt - I love this program, a lot. I love the students, the teachers, and the many world-renowned sites that we are placed at throughout the year. You really feel as though you are part of something really special and well-respected. Of course there will be those who do not like something, that just the way the cookie crumbles. Bottom line - I feel as though I am getting my money's worth, and after only being in the program for 6 months, I am very educated on the many aspects of healthcare. I cannot complain.

  5. by   dee789
    @columbiauniFNP - great info, thank you! If you don't mind my asking, how far do you have to commute? I am in Brooklyn and will have about an hour commute if I get in.
  6. by   sweet03nesy
    Hey Everyone!

    Hope your holidays were warm and wonderful! I've never applied for financial aid and was wondering if anyone could offer some information as to when we should apply for it. Do you fill out a fafsa without an acceptance letter? If one gets rejected, what happens with the loan? Just wondering how to go about that.
    Thanks in advance!
  7. by   aiwish
    Wow, ColumbiauniFNP, thanks so much for your input!

    @sweet03nesy - Unless I hear otherwise from CUSON, I will be submitting my FAFSA as soon as possible. Don't worry about the loans prior to acceptance, because loans cannot go into effect without additional paperwork (signed Master Promissory Note, accepting award package, etc.), and funds usually don't get disbursed until classes begin. Also, I imagine only accepted students will receive a fin. aid package. The benefit of submitting a FAFSA early on allows ample time for the fin. aid department to create a package and allows you to meet any early deadlines for scholarships/grants. Basically, it gets the ball rolling . If we are rejected, we probably won't get any fin. aid awarded at all. Hope this gibberish makes sense?

    In case anyone is interested, I am quoting ARickli's helpful post from last year's thread about the ETP acceptance date trend. If we hear back around 2/7 this year...that's just 31 days to go! Fingers crossed!

    2013: 2/6.
    Quote from ARickli
    2012: 2/7
    2011: 2/7
    2010: 2/11
    2009: 2/4
    2008: 2/3
  8. by   Sray09
    do i even have to ask if anyone else going crazy with this wait ?!?
  9. by   dhart17
    If correct, that could be the most exciting thursday of my entire life. Brace yourself folks.
  10. by   KimiOren2
    As anyone status changed from submitted to review?
  11. by   KimiOren2
    Did by any chance you application status change from submitted to in review process?
  12. by   droux
    My application is still the same. But good to know the process is moving along!
  13. by   lateblumer304
    I don't see a change in my status from "submitted". However, I did contact admissions some time ago, and they assured me that my application was waiting for a decision. So, I wouldn't read too deeply into any changes on the website. But, as droux said, at least there is some discernible activity.