College of the Mainland Spring 2014 ADN

  1. Has anyone applied for the Spring semester?
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  3. by   nurseisland
    Yes I have applied!
  4. by   adawn
    COM extended their spring 2014 ADN deadline to September 20th.I called yesterday. Now we just have to wait awhile longer to hear if we got accepted or not!!!!!
  5. by   adawn
    I have been so worried about this point system. I think I'm getting wrinkles.
  6. by   nurseisland
    @adawn, Don't be worried just keep high hopes, everything will work out.
  7. by   MelCOM14
    Me too! I did not know they extended the deadline. Thanks for the info. They said that they accept 60 in the fall and 30 in the spring but I was reading forums from last year and the students said that they accepted 50 in the spring. Does anyone know if it's 30 for sure?
  8. by   adawn
    I was told friday that they are going to accept 30 to 50. They said there would not be anymore extensions after this one due to running into problems with students getting their immunizations. I HATE THE WAIT good luck to everyone
  9. by   MelCOM14
    Ugh I hate it too! I'm so anxious already!
  10. by   adawn
    If you don't mind me asking how many points does everyone have? I have 105 and I was told I need atleast 100. I don't know if I should retake my TEAS.
  11. by   MelCOM14
    I have 108
  12. by   adawn
    That's pretty good. I'm starting 31 I have a bachelor's in criminal justice, worked as a parole officer inside a medical prison and realized I really enjoyed learning about the inmates medical condition. I left my parole officer job in January and started working on my pre-reqs for nursing.
  13. by   MelCOM14
    That's awesome! Good luck to you and to all other applicants! I called this morning and they told me so far they have 32-35 applications and they are accepting 30-50!!
  14. by   adawn
    I will call this friday and get another update. .. i post something as soon as I find out something