Coastal Alabama Spring 2018 Application Points

  1. Anyone applied for the nursing program for Spring 2018??? If so what was your points. I had applied for the Fall with good grades for my prerequisites but still did not have enough points to get in because of my 18 score on my ACT test. I hate standardized tests and I've been out of high school for almost 10 years. I have only 32 points total I think and I'm hoping that Spring is not as competitive as the Fall... Bishop is not an option because I heard horror stories about how evil the teachers can be from working with nurses at Mobile Infirmary...
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  3. by   Niki_B
    Hi Ciara1, I applied to Coastal's Spring 2018 cohort at the Brewton campus and got my acceptance letter sometime last week. I didn't have all of my pre-reqs yet, and my total point score was 42. I've been out of high school for 17 years (!) so I *really* didn't want to re-take the ACT, but I considered it! I went to one of the nursing info sessions last year and one of the women there told me that they've never accepted anyone with less than 36 or 38 total points, I can't remember which.
  4. by   Darya21
    I applied both Fall & Spring term. I did not get in Fall term. I had 34 points & believe the in order to get in you had to have a 36 or higher for that semester. I applied again with the hopes that spring semester would be less competitive than the fall semester. Sure enough with 34 points I was accepted into the program at the Brewton location. I've known people with points as low as 33 points capable of getting in. I have always hated standardized tests so I understand where you are coming from. I hope this helps!
  5. by   Ciara1
    I got in the thomasville location!
  6. by   Ciara1
    Thanks hun I got my acceptance letter today for thomasville
  7. by   aclay420
    How's the program so far?
  8. by   Ciara1
    Sorry for the late reply. So far so good. I'm in the second semester now. It's tough but I finished the 1st semester with an A
  9. by   cade23
    That's awesome!!! I just got accepted into the fall. I'm super nervous. Any advice or info would be great. I could send you my email. I'm sure I have a million questions to ask.
  10. by   Ciara1
    Sure, you can email me. Basically just be prepared to sacrifice a lot of time that you used to use napping or partying to read and practice skills. Practice as many questions as you can to learn how to answer questions because nursing school questions are like nothing you ever seen before. Which campus did u get in
  11. by   cade23
    I got into Thomasville. What are the instructors like? Is it 5 days a week?