Chattahoochee tech 2018 fall admissions - page 2

Hi everyone. I wanted to create a forum if anyone was interested are sharing their stories or worries about applying for chattahoochee techs ASN program in 2018. I didn't know if anyone knew how many... Read More

  1. by   Lacey33
    I got an 84 and I'm thinking about re-taking it. The face book group had a lot of helpful questions that were very similar to what was on the test. Take practice tests and time yourself. The actual test has a calculator on the exam. Reading was what got me. Reading 78, math 93, science 83, and English 83. Good luck!
  2. by   Lacey33
    Which session are you attending?
  3. by   kathy kat
    hey Lacey33 is there a way i can be added to that facebook group page, i will like to get more material for studies. thanks
  4. by   Lacey33
    Ati teas 6 test - study group is the name
  5. by   kathy kat
    thank you very much
  6. by   Nwanyioma15
    I went to the first information session and applied. The information session was very detailed and I think this program would be a great value to anyone! Ready to finish out the semester and see what happens. Currently enrolled in Microbio + Lab and A&P2 + Lab at Chatt tech. I don't have my syllabi or planner near me but I do believe my semester ends that last week of April! they said we would find out if we were accepted the first week of July. I have a bachelors degree in another science field and I'm also taking art appreciation at KSU because Chatt tech does not accept foreign language for the same credit requirement. Good luck to everyone applying + taking their TEAS in the coming weeks/months!
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  7. by   StephanieN32
    Hi my name is Stephanie W. and I too am a 2018 Nursing program hopeful. All classes are out of the way and I have taken the TEAS, just waiting on sign ups for the critical thinking exam . Good luck to all who are applying!
  8. by   Bgazo
    What is everyone's points looking like? I went to an application session about 2 weeks ago, and am excited to finish this semester and get this critical thinking test done!
  9. by   StephanieN32
    I have a total of 262 points before taking the critical thinking exam . All As and made a 72.6 on the TEAS.
  10. by   StephanieN32
    Scratch that my total points are 332 before the critical thinking exam.
  11. by   mnolasco
    As the deadline gets closer, I get more nervous! calculated my points and Im currently sitting at a 233 before the critical thinking exam. Im thinking about retaking my TEAS though so we'll see!
  12. by   mnolasco
    You may be miscalculating your points. The max amount that you can have before taking the critical thinking exam is 290/390. Great job on all As though!
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  13. by   StephanieN32
    I totally am!! I had it right the first time 262 is where I sit. I don't know what in the world I went back and looked at to make me rethink the score lol. Thank you!