CCSF Spring 2018 - page 3

Hello! Did anyone apply to CCSF for Spring 2018? From looking at the forum for Spring 2017, it looked like they started mailing out letters from the third week of October. Has anyone heard back yet?... Read More

  1. by   nxe.k177a
    Oh nice! Thanks tiennguyen3211.
    Just fyi if anyone wants to save some money or buy a spare set on the mandatory uniform, my friend has two complete sets she's willing to sell.
  2. by   mintgreen178
    Hi, I attended the RN program last semester and I have an extra pair of XS scrubs for ccsf. Includes the white jacket, white v-neck and red pants. If anyone wants to buy it for super cheap, pls let me know.
  3. by   Melanie Joy
    Hi! I may be interested in purchasing your extra scrubs. I'm usually an XS. I'm going to the uniform fitting this Wednesday. If the XS is in fact my size, I will contact you again!

  4. by   mintgreen178
    Alrighty, sounds good!
  5. by   Kirakim
    Hi Mintgreen278, I am size xs women. I would like to buy your set. If you have one available, please contact me at

    Nxe.k177a, if your friend has size xs or xxs for the women top, I would like to buy them too. Thanks.
  6. by   nxe.k177a
    Hi guys. Aww sorry. The two full uniform sets are size Medium. I'll ask her if she knows anyone with smaller sizes. If any of your incoming classmates need a women's medium then let me know, thanks!
  7. by   Melanie Joy

    I can work with an XS! Send me an email and let me know how much/how I can get them from you.

  8. by   chelseayoga
    Hi !!! Im applying to CCSF for the RN program. How long is the typical wait to get in if you do not get picked for the lottery ? Thank you
  9. by   Melanie Joy
    Ccsf is no longer a lottery system. It's multi criteria. So top 50 get in based on teas score, gpa etc.
  10. by   Okie2000
    Hi! I'm applying to CCSF next year and wondering what I need to do to be a competitive applicant. For those of you who were accepted with the new multi criteria, how many points did you have before you took your TEAS? Did everyone accepted have health care experience?