CCRI Spring 2019

  1. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone knows what the cut off for points was last round. I am putting in my application in august for the spring and hoping to get into the Warwick night program.
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  3. by   ehebert2
    Not Warwick, Lincoln. My mistake.
  4. by   Km2018nur
    The cut off for Lincoln was around 180. The lowest amount they took was 176 and that was at Newport.
  5. by   Km2018nur
    Who else is applying to the Newport campus?!
  6. by   jvale
    I got into the Lincoln campus and the lowest they accepted was under 180. Keep in mind that it varies with each application period. Is all about the group of people applying and their points. Wish you luck!
  7. by   ehebert2
    Newport is my second choice! It's closer to me but the night's would be better, that's why Lincoln in my first. I'm applying with 182.6 and my fingers crossed!
  8. by   Nelemery
    Hi guys. This will be my first time applying in august, what are the options for campuses?? I have 191.6 points
  9. by   jvale
    Wow! you'll be fine with those points. Good Luck!
  10. by   Caroline45
    Hello I'm applying with 181 points to all campuses
  11. by   ftrRN01
    Hi all!

    These were the point cut off's last semester:

    Newport: 176
    Providence: 180.1
    Lincoln: 178.9
    Warwick: 183.5

    I am also applying in August and putting Warwick as my first choice, but applying to all campuses. Anyone else applying to Warwick as first choice?
  12. by   E_aline
    Hii I'm trying to apply this upcoming August. Any campus recommendations?
  13. by   Bsalzillo
    Hi guys! I will be applying August 1st with 194.8 points! My first choice would be providence (I heard they have amazing teachers in the nursing program), then Warwick, then Newport, then Lincoln. I love Lincoln campuses but working retail I'd have to do the day programs! .. does anyone have any input or knowledge about teachers in the different campuses ?!
  14. by   lizzybee0724
    I'm applying August 1 with 192.7 points. Does anyone know what the hours are for Providence and Lincoln? I'm anticipating a lay off and wondering whether a should work days and school nights or vice versa? Anyone have any advice?