CCRI Spring 2019 - page 9

Hi all, I was wondering if anyone knows what the cut off for points was last round. I am putting in my application in august for the spring and hoping to get into the Warwick night program.... Read More

  1. by   Caroline45
    Are we supposed to receive a letter in the mail?
  2. by   Caroline45
    Has anyone considered taking a winter session class ? I just need developmental psych for non nursing classes. Are they really hard ?
  3. by   Loragoley
    Hello all, I was given a set of scrubs, but they are not my size. Could anyone use a set of medium women's tops, small pants, and a medium lab coat?
  4. by   Loragoley
    I'm taking it online right now. Its a lot of reading, so unless you are able to do nothing but that one class for the short session, I would wait and take it over the summer instead.
  5. by   Pagano12111
    Don't forget to register for your classes today. I just did mine
  6. by   Caroline45
    I finally got into the Winter session class for developmental psych, it was closed with max capacity but there's one seat left! (After me)
  7. by   mkaleiwahea
    Okay, weird question, but have any of you bought the scrubs yet? Obviously we need to get the top and jacket from the bookstore, but just wondering if everyone is buying the pants from the bookstore. I've never worn scrubs before so just wondering if there is anything I should know when trying to buy them regarding fit and what not. Thanks!
  8. by   Caroline45
    I bought scrub pants size (s) and they don't fit, if anyone wants to trade for an (xs)