CCRI Spring 2019 - page 8

Hi all, I was wondering if anyone knows what the cut off for points was last round. I am putting in my application in august for the spring and hoping to get into the Warwick night program.... Read More

  1. by   Caroline45
    Does anyone know what is?
  2. by   Caroline45
    Did anyone complete the new clinical requirement for the CPR renewal one? Cause I don't have my cpr card yet just the piece of paper from ccri saying that I completed the course and it was rejected thanks
  3. by   Pagano12111
    Caroline. I just added it under my documents. That's where all of you uploads are. When you open document tab. There is a tab for clinical requirements. You can add it there. They don't need it by tonight though as long as u uploaded the temp one
  4. by   Caroline45
    Oh okay, I just saw that you can only see that due date on the actual website and not on the app. I have everything else done so I guess I'm good. Thanks !
  5. by   Pagano12111
    Hi - Has anyone heard anything from the school about final acceptance or more details about orientation?
  6. by   Caroline45
    Not yet have you
  7. by   Pagano12111
    No not yet. Should be soon I hope
  8. by   Pagano12111
    You can go on the CCRI website and look up what time your classes are at your campus. You can only get to it through the main CCRI page, (don't sign in). Hit tab the says register, then course search... Nurs 1010, Nurs 1015, Nurs 1061
  9. by   Caroline45
    Has anyone reviewed there cpr card in the mail yet?
  10. by   Pagano12111
    I received mine via email last week. They sent a link to print them out
  11. by   Caroline45
    They sent out emails with all the info to register for your first three classes. If you got the email then you met the requirements
  12. by   Caroline45
    Does anyone know which semester the first clinical starts ?
  13. by   mkaleiwahea
    I was also wondering if anyone has heard anything about the clinical schedule. I have my class schedule now, just wondering what my Monday and Wednesday will look like. I know we will find out a lot of information at the orientation, but just curious now. Also I'd like to start planning my schedule with my family as well.