CCRI Spring 2019 - page 2

Hi all, I was wondering if anyone knows what the cut off for points was last round. I am putting in my application in august for the spring and hoping to get into the Warwick night program.... Read More

  1. by   Bsalzillo
    Lincoln has night classes and your in clinicals all day Saturday and Sunday ... Providence is the day program so everything during the week !
  2. by   Majesti84
    Hi Everyone,

    Fingers Crossed!! I Just applied to the nursing program with 182 points. I applied to Providence and Warwick since those are the only two locations that would work for me. Good luck to everyone!

  3. by   mkaleiwahea
    Hi! I just applied to all four campuses, with Warwick being my first choice. I have a 180.5. I'm hoping that is enough for at least one of them!
  4. by   mkaleiwahea
    Also, I was wondering if anyone knows whether or not you can change your campus preferences after you've already applied but before the application period ends?
  5. by   Bsalzillo
    I heard you can not and I think I remember seeing that on the application when you rate which campus as you want
  6. by   Faithfolco
    Just applied w/ 196 points to Lincoln! Only applied there because of work, wishing for the best! Can't wait for September to start already
  7. by   Caroline45
    Does anyone know when they'll send out emails for acceptances ?
  8. by   Bsalzillo
    The told my friend and I to check your ccri email everyday once September comes !
  9. by   Caroline45
    Has ccri ever not accepted 180 points ?
  10. by   Pagano12111
    Hi there. I just applied to Warwick day with 193.10 points. Good luck to everyone!! It is so exciting
  11. by   Caroline45
    It's september 1st everyone! And the waiting begins(:
  12. by   lizzybee0724
    The waiting is killing me!
  13. by   Caroline45
    Lizzybee what campus did you apply to?