Cal Baptist ELMSN Summer 2018

  1. Hello everyone!
    If you're as antsy as I am, this is the thread for you. The submission deadline is this Monday at 8:59PM, so I wanted to open up the thread for this year's applicants. If my research is correct, we should be hearing back in mid-late January about interviews, which feels like an eternity at this point. In the meantime, I'm hoping that this thread can serve to be a great place to ask questions and let go of some of the anxiety that comes with waiting to hear back. I look forward to meeting and hearing from some of my fellow applicants. If you get into any other schools, I would personally love to hear about that too! God Bless everyone and may we all get the good news that we are hoping and praying for.
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  3. by   alma16
    Hi nastaishia,
    I also applied for the Summer 2018 ELMSN program. I know that there was an applicant workshop earlier this month but I don't live in the area so I was not able to attend. Were you able to make it? If so, what kind of things did they talked about during the event. Anyways, the email said that invitation emails will be sent out on an on-going basis through the end of January. That is such a long wait but I do hope we hear back soon. Goodluck to you!
  4. by   nastaishia
    Hi Alma!

    I'm glad you found this post. I did attend the workshop and it covered things like financial aid and when to expect interviews. From what I understand they will start sending out the invitations towards the end of January after they meet at the end of December/beginning of January. Definitely a long wait. If you have any classes that did not count towards the prerequisites, you should receive an email about that soon, if not already. Other than that, they mostly talked about financial aid and expressed that the Graduate Plus loans are based on credit, so try to get your credit score as high as possible in the meantime. They also advised to save up about $3000 to hold you over until you do receive your initial financial aid refund. They did mention other specifics, but I don't have my notes in front of me. I truly wish you the best of luck as well! Please let me know if you have any specific questions about the meeting and I'll look them up in my notes.
  5. by   alma16
    Thanks for the information!! I am currently finishing up the last 2 prerequisites for the program and hopefully, that is not going to affect the evaluation. Do you know how much they look into the GPA or healthcare experiences for the selection process? Also, did they mention how many people will be interviewed and the size of the cohort? On a side note, is this your first choice of school? Did you apply to any other programs?
  6. by   nastaishia
    I am also finishing up the abnormal psych prerequisite. That is actually why they are not going to review the applicants until early January, so as long as you are done by December, it shouldn't affect anything. They will be selecting 50 applicants for interviews and 40 for the cohort. Health care experience is not required, but it is definitely a plus. GPA is a part of it, but they are very big on a holistic review. I would make sure that you really know why you want to become an advanced practice nurse and be able to put it into words. It seems like that is what they are going to focus on in the interviews. Cal Baptist is my number one choice since the staff seems so caring. Everyone really seems to work together over there and I would love to be a part of that. I did apply to four other schools though, APU, Western U, Seattle U (DPNI) and I'm in the process of applying to OHSU. How about you?
  7. by   alma16
    Wow, that sounds like a good chance if we are able to get an interview invite. Thanks for sharing, I will keep that in mind and hopefully, we will both get interview invitations!! I am also applyinh to APU, WesternU, and also USF. This wait is the worst though, keep me updated if you hear anything from them!
  8. by   nastaishia
    Hi Alma! Have you heard back from anyone yet?
  9. by   alma16
    Nope nothing on my end. How about you?
  10. by   nastaishia
    I juuust received a call for an interview with APU. Keep an eye on your phone. It is a 626 number.
  11. by   alma16
    Oh really? Which campus did you applied to? I had some trouble with them receiving the letter of recommendation so my application wasn't complete till Thursday. Hopefully that doesn't affect anything..
  12. by   nastaishia
    Hi Alma! I'm so sorry for the delayed response. I don't think it should affect your application, but it may mean that you won't receive an interview until later. I applied to all three campuses. They allow for you to rank them during your interview so that you can open up the number of seats from 20 to 60, or something like that. I ranked Azusa first, San Bernardino second, and San Diego as third. I hope that you get a call soon.
  13. by   alma16
    I actually had my interview with APU last week and I ranked the campus the same way you did! The professor I interviewed with said that SD is super impacted so there's a relatively much lower chance to get a seat there so I put that last. I hope we hear back from APU soon and we can both get in. Good luck!
  14. by   future_MSN
    I got an email invitation to the interview! If anyone has tips, I'd really appreciate it!