BSHP Summer 2018

  1. Anyone applying to BSHP Summer 2018 program???
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  3. by   Vem20
    I am!
  4. by   Ms_SThomas
    What are your teas scores and gpa if you don't mind me asking? Also do you have any idea how hard this school is to get into??
  5. by   Vem20
    I'm not really sure how hard the school is to get into but i got an 80 on my Teas and i got a B in A&P 1 and Micro and a C in A&P2. Not the best scores but Im hoping for the best.
  6. by   meg11231
    So I am assuming that you got in?
  7. by   GHernd
    Did you all get in? I am an alternate and do not know what my chances are.
  8. by   meg11231
    i'm an alternate as well, what were your grades if you dont mind me asking? I had a b in A&P 1 and c in Micro and A&P 2 and got a 77 on my teas
  9. by   Caro123
    I got in!
  10. by   lgarza825
    I applied for the Summer 2018 as well and I am an alternate - nervous!!!
  11. by   meg11231
    @Igarza825 what kind of grades did you have if you dont mind me asking? I heard that this is there smallest cohort of the year, does anyine know if any "no" letters were sent out?
  12. by   lgarza825
    I had As and Bs in my pre-reqs and my TEAS was around an 80. how about you? Ive been reading lots of forums and say for alternates not to lose hope!
  13. by   meg11231
    I had about the same grades and a 77 on teas i really want to get in!
  14. by   lgarza825
    me tooo!!!!! ill be praying for us