Broward College May 2018

  1. Hi guys!! Haven't seen any threads for May 2018 so I figured why not start one!! I just submitted my application for Broward's May 2018 LPN-RN program so anxiously waiting for the deadline. While I wait I'm attending Keiser to retake A&P 1 and lab to boost grade up! What's everyone doing to pass the time?
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  3. by   chrisieefaithh
    I am applying to the nursing program for May as well!! I am trying to take the HESI as soon as possible and that is really it, all my pre reqs are done!!
  4. by   chrisieefaithh
    I wanted to get more info on the A&P class at Keiser as I would like to boost my GPA up as well. Did you purchase the book? Any advice would help, thanks.
  5. by   Middleburg08
    Hey guys...
    please choose a different program. Yes, they have a good reputation. But when I tell you almost no one will make it through this program, I mean almost no one will make it through this program. Some numbers from my graduating class:
    120 of us were accepted. 20 of my original class graduated. And only 49 in total graduated, which is their highest graduating class! (which included people who failed/repeated and came back).

    In my Med Surg class (your first specialty). 17 people passed the first exam, and maybe 25 or so actually made it out.

    In my OB class, out of 45 students, 28 failed the math exam & couldn't continue for clinical. (which set them back 3 months). And only 19 of those students passed through OB.

    In Peds, 6 people were passing. In the end, 18 went through.

    There is no support. There are no tutors, no help from the Deans, no help from the professors. The office staff gives out wrong information, the "campus days" are disorganized. You have to teach yourself the material. I watched several people have nervous breakdowns and panic attacks. I knew many LPN's and other healthcare professionals who entered this program and failed out.

    Some people left before they failed, went to another program with a better retention rate AND good NCLEX scores and thrived. I had SEVERAL BC graduates who told me during clinical to leave and goto another program.

    From what the retrackers have said, their "remediation" classes are a total joke. You pay $100-150 for the remedial class, and the theory one is taught by a psychologist. The math one, apparently they didn't even give them new problems to practice with; the used the exact materials in the remediation class that people used and failed the math test with in the first place.

    The upper classes try to trick you with the math exams; they give you practice sheets which nowhere mirror the complex problems they give you on the day. When people are doing 75-100 practice questions a day and getting B's and A's on those, then getting into the tests and failing, that is a problem with the professors. For OB; our first exam, we had 33 chapters in 2 weeks to cover, for a 50 question exam.

    No extra credit. Your entire grade for theory depends on 3 exams. They will tell you in orientation (and this is straight from the Dean of Central Campus). "Look to your left and look to your right. Most all of you will be gone before the end. We care about our pass rates. If you can't hit the ground running, you won't make it. And we don't want our pass rates to lower."

    I learned alot in this program, but believe me If I did it all over again I would have gone to another school.
  6. by   chrisieefaithh
    Hey thanks for the info, what campus did you go to?
  7. by   Middleburg08
    Quote from chrisieefaithh
    Hey thanks for the info, what campus did you go to?
    North & a friend went to Central.
  8. by   Kmichel2018
    hi how many points did you get
  9. by   Kmichel2018
    how much did you pay to retake the class in keiser?
  10. by   Kmichel2018
    how many points did you get towards the program
  11. by   Kiverson001
    Hi I purchased the Saladin edition from Keiser. They have financial aid available so that covered the cost of the book for me. Sorry it took me so long to respond. No one was posting on here lol.
  12. by   Kiverson001
    As of now I have a 2.5 but once transcripts are reviewed from Keiser it'll boost my gpa to a 3.0.
  13. by   chrisieefaithh
    How did you purchase the book for the anatomy class?
  14. by   Kiverson001
    Hi. I went to their bookstore. When are you starting the class I still have the book because I am retaking anatomy 2 and lab over a well.