Broward College May 2018 - page 2

Hi guys!! Haven't seen any threads for May 2018 so I figured why not start one!! I just submitted my application for Broward's May 2018 LPN-RN program so anxiously waiting for the deadline. While I... Read More

  1. by   chrisieefaithh
    I am starting the class on Monday!!!
  2. by   chrisieefaithh
    Did you also purchase the access code through the bookstore?
  3. by   Kiverson001
    The book came with the access code.
  4. by   chrisieefaithh
    Thank you
  5. by   Kiverson001
    No problem. Are u applying for May?
  6. by   chrisieefaithh
    Yes! Hoping to pass this anatomy class and the hesi.
  7. by   Kiverson001
    Nice!!! Is the deadline still the same? February 15? My last class at Keiser is over February 8th. I hope that'll be enough time for them to process the transcripts
  8. by   chrisieefaithh
    I think it'll be enough time, I believe my class ends the same time. We have to try to Make sure we get them in ASAP
  9. by   Kiverson001
    Most definitely!!!
  10. by   chrisieefaithh
    How much did the book cost for the anatomy class? I saw something for 340$? ??????
  11. by   Kiverson001
    I think I paid around the same thing for it. However at Keiser they buy the books back as long as the edition is still current.
  12. by   chrisieefaithh
    ok thanks
  13. by   Kiverson001
    No problem have u started ur class today?