Bishop State 2018 Spring Nursing Program

  1. Have anyone applied for the Bishop State Nursing Program and received their acceptance letter?
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  3. by   karmaurimuvaa
    I have applied, haven't received anything just yet. I am very anxious!
  4. by   Jrayborn12
    I am also! I've been reading reviews and some people say they don't receive a letter until mid November. I didn't know if it was the same this year. Good luck to you!
  5. by   Shante Butler
    I applied and called today. I was told they are pushing for monday
  6. by   Jrayborn12
    Great!! Thank you
  7. by   Shante Butler
    So how many points did you all have. I had 34 I think. I wonder if that is enough
  8. by   Jrayborn12
    I only had 31 I wonder how many people are they accepting.
  9. by   Shante Butler
    Me too. I don't much about their program, Schedule or anything
  10. by   Jrayborn12
    Me wither! I was accepted in the LPN program at Hinds Community College, but if I get accepted in Bishop's RN program I'm going to do it.
  11. by   Jrayborn12
    I received my letter today and wasn't accepted due to unavailability of space. So hopefully you get in
  12. by   Shante Butler
    I'm sorry to hear that. I got my acceptance letter Saturday. Was hoping to meet u, but maybe u can get in to the bridge program after u get your lpn
  13. by   Jrayborn12
    Congratulations!!! I'm just glad to get in one lol