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HESI or TEAS? Hi everyone, I am currently a part-time BCC student. Anyone here planning to apply for the Nursing-Evening program (deadline Oct 1, 2018)? I am going to attend one of the... Read More

  1. by   MissRN2019
    Now we wait.........
  2. by   alz86
    Hi Everyone! Has anyone heard from admissions yet?
  3. by   alz86
    Hi! Has everyone received their invite to take the teas?
  4. by   mjacosta124
    Hello Everyone!
    I too have applied for Spring 2019. I just took the Teas on Saturday. I received my results this morning. I scored an overall 83 (Advanced). Was hoping for higher. My BCC GPA is 3.5.

    Does anyone know the stats for BCC?
  5. by   Booyaa
    Hi everyone, I just received my score of 74 last night and 3.6 gpa. I really hope that is enough to get accepted. How did everyone do?
  6. by   mjacosta124
    You're GPA is better than mine. I've seen people get in with similar stats to yours. Fingers Crossed!

    I am anxiously waiting for a response from them. Ugh!
  7. by   Booyaa
    I think we should find out very soon
  8. by   mjacosta124
    I sure hope so! I was freaking out Friday because my status had changed to "did not test." I thought the test results never reached them. Hopefully we get good news before thanksgiving...
  9. by   Booyaa
    I just got the email, I'm in!!!
  10. by   mjacosta124
    Omg me toooo! Congrats!
  11. by   Booyaa
  12. by   mjacosta124
    It was well worth the wait!
  13. by   Al3xis08
    Awsome congrats... I got in too
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