Bergen CC Nursing Spring 2018

  1. I thought I'd start a forum for all those applying to Bergen's nursing program! I just applied today and I'm super anxious. I'd love to hear from anyone else applying!
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  3. by   pammiep
    Hi... I'm planning on applying also. Just finishing up my last pre-req.
    Good Luck to you!
  4. by   hayyhaylee
    Did anyone hear anything back to sit for the teas?? I think they said they would review by oct 16
  5. by   alyss94
    Not yet! I'm hoping they let us know before the 16th but we'll see
  6. by   alyss94
    Has anyone heard anything yet?? I'm getting antsy
  7. by   hayyhaylee
    No! I talked to someone and they said they " are sending letters out by the 19.. but I thought we would be getting emails?
  8. by   alyss94
    That's what I thought, too. Because the next step is the background check, right? Well I'll still be checking my email constantly just in case haha
  9. by   pammiep
    My admission status says "ready to test", but no email with instructions yet.
  10. by   hayyhaylee
    Where does it say that? You click on your application?
  11. by   pammiep
    Go to web advisor, click on prospective students, click on admission information, click on admission status.
  12. by   alyss94
    Mine says that, too
  13. by   hayyhaylee
    Mine says that too!
  14. by   hayyhaylee
    I got the email tot egsiter for exam! It was sent to Bergen email address!