APU ELM Summer 2019

  1. Hey all, just wondering who else plans on applying to this upcoming cycle since the deadline is coming up. I actually applied to the spring term, interviewed, but did not get accepted. Hopefully it works out this time
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  3. by   lindsay_93
    I AM!! I hope you get a good news this upcoming cycle Can I ask you what they ask during the interview?
  4. by   inkabruce
    Thanks! And yes, absolutely. The interview revolves heavily around why azusa, why nursing/NP, and they ask you to explain an ethical dilemma you've been faced with and how you reacted. I've heard they asked that specificly to healthcare, but for me it was just in general. It ends up being more conversation style, although I just wasn't really nervous to begin with. So try to stay relaxed!! You also have to complete a hand written writing prompt. The topics range, but mine had to do with discussing overcoming challenges.

    Have you completed all your prereqs etc? Good luck
  5. by   lindsay_93
    Thanks There is writing prompt? uh... I'm really bad at timed writing..

    I have one or two more non science prerequisites left.. it depends on whether my verbal communication class counts toward it or not.
  6. by   inkabruce
    It isn't timed actually, you just have to complete it before your scheduled interview time. So if you need more time, just get there earlier. And yea, I have to finish research methods which I'm taking at SMC this fall.

    What are your stats/experience? I was an econ major at U of Illinois, my obstacle is a poor undergrad (didn't go to class :/ opps) with 2.7 gpa. 3.8 prereq. 4.0 sciences. I volunteer at cedars sinai and am going to start at venice family clinic to get exposure to clinic setting and work w the homeless. They like all healthcare experience but prefer more hands-on roles I believe
  7. by   lindsay_93
    I graudated from UCSD with a B.S. in Biophysics and Minor in Chemistry. Graduated with 3.3 gpa..My science prereq is 3.8. ( I took three Organic Chem classes and that did not help my GPA much) with nonscience at 3.5 ( English is my second langauge...) I volunteered at a VA medical center for a year. US Army reserves for 6 years. I work at a small hospital as a scribe and receptionist taking vitals for the initial exam. I volunteered at a hospital in Korea providing sheltered care for Hansen's disease patients. I worked as a research assistant for a year... I was everywhere cuz i was so confused with my life lol
  8. by   inkabruce
    awesome! are you applying for the SD campus then? You have great stats and experience, I think you'll be fine!! I've been active in the other forum for spring term and I'd say you are a very strong candidate based off those who got accepeted etc. I have been in the ED for about a year and cardiac ICU since Jan. a lot has changed for me during the ICU rotation and helped me define clear goals.

    Oh, and another thing. Make sure to emphasize you are 100% on board with the NP path. my interview went well, but i definitely said I was always interested in becoming an APRN and liked the NP path BUT also was considering the CRNA. This was true at the time and NOT what they want to hear. It could not have helped, but now i know for sure this is the path for me. Good luck!!!
  9. by   tea7317
    @inkabruce I also struggled with having a poor undergrad gpa. I believe mine was worse than yours. However, I applied to the Spring 19 cohort, but got deferred to Summer 19. My science gpa was a 4.0, but my non-science gpa was a 3.2 (those undergrad grades came back to haunt me!). With that being said, I'm confident that with all the changes you're making you'll be a strong candidate for Summer 19. I was also told that Summer is usually the least busiest application cycle. Good luck!
  10. by   tea7317
    @lindsay_93 I was nervous about the writing prompt as well; however, it's not as bad as it seems. I was presented a one page article and was told to summarize it and give my opinion on it. I was also told that my response did not have to be very long, may a couple of paragraphs at the most.
  11. by   lindsay_93
    I currently live in the Orange county area so, I applied mainly for the Azusa campus, but also stated that i am okay with alternate locations for SD and IE. I am seriously okay with any locations at this point.. what about you guys?

    I was actually worried about my gpa, because I had like the lowest GPA out of all my friends..
  12. by   inkabruce
    Don't worry about your undergrad GPA, at least with Azusa. They really do look at the whole application, and care more about science GPA than undergrad. I was surprised I got a interview bc my undergrad GPA had clearly been handicapping me with other programs but then I learned that Azusa does not emphasize it as much, especially if you're an older student (i'm 31).

    @tea7317 thank you and congrats! hopefully I get in and we'll be in the same cohort
  13. by   loliw124
    Hi guys! I am a Spring 2019 San Diego applicant , but I was accepted for the summer 2019 semester instead, and waitlisted in the Spring 2019 semester. I am very excited to start the program and meet my future fellow classmates. I wish you all the best in the application process, and if you have any questions please let me know , I will be happy to help.
  14. by   lindsay_93
    I was told that the interview will start in next week or two. and everyone with an eligible application will be given a spot for interview