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Hi fellow applicants! It's that time of year again to apply to ARC's ADN program for Spring 2017. So I figured I would start a new post so we can all stay up to date on progress or to answer... Read More

  1. by   e.a.collins
    Hi all! I just got my notification that my application is qualified and am wondering when we be notified if we're in or not. Does anyone have an idea of when we'll find out by?
  2. by   bfoster618
    You will be notified- I believe they send out the accepted emails, followed by wait list and then finally, the denied emails. I was notified later in the day, around 3 pm about not being accepted. They notify us 8 weeks from the end of the application period, so around November 25th.
  3. by   Clua1107
    E.a. Collins I have the same question
  4. by   Clua1107
    So bfoster618...I don't know why I'm not quite following your reply to e.a. Collin's question... did you apply for spring 2017? And did they already notify you on not accepting you for the spring 2017 semester?
  5. by   bfoster618
    They have NOT sent out any decisions for the Spring 2017 semester yet...Above I was talking about my experience for the Fall 2016 semester. They do notify everyone by email if they are accepted or not. As stated above, it should be around Nov 25th
  6. by   Clua1107
    Thank you this has been very helpful and provided me peace of mind
  7. by   EMT_Kevin
    bfoster618 is right. According to the ARC website in the FAQ, they will be sending out emails in approximately 8 weeks from the end of the application process which was 9/30. I received an email on 10/28 stating that my application has been qualified. According to the ARC statistics through their website, students applying in Spring usually have a better chance of getting in because there are less students that apply. Students with 70 or more points typically get placed in the pool because ARC takes the top 1/3 of students that apply. Hope this helps!
  8. by   jackie5593
    I wonder if they will open an extended program with Sutter in spring 2017. Students usually rotate through Kaiser and Mercy for clinicals. I can't wait to find out if I got accepted or not. oh this waiting is awful!!
  9. by   jackie5593
    Where did you hear this rumor? How likely is it to be true?
  10. by   bfoster618
    I obviously do not know whether they will accept more than the 40 students for the Spring 2017 semester. But I can see that the class capacity is still at 40, so I think it may be safe to assume it's going to stay at 40.
  11. by   jackie5593
    anyone heard anything in their emails yet?! I'm on pins and needles lol
  12. by   Kdevinva26
    Nothing yet here... I look just in case but I'm not expecting to hear anything this early
  13. by   Gabi2127
    HI Everyone, I got an email stating I have been selected as an alternate this morning. I am number 11. Does anyone have any idea as to what my chances of getting accepted in to the program are? Good luck to all of you who have applied!