Alternates for fall 2013 SPC nursing program

  1. Hello everyone. I was chosen as an alternate for the 2013 fall nursing program at SPC. I would like to start a thread for us alternates as there is very little information on the web about this. Currently I am alternate number nine, from what I understand there are 40 alternates. We are supposed to hear something July 26, does anyone know if maybe we will hear something sooner? Do you know someone who was an alternate and got in, and if so what number were they? I have seen the to-do list for the ones that were accepted and there are alot of things to take care of, how do the alternates accomplish these tasks with limited time before the start of school..So many questions! Such an exciting time!
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  3. by   bella_
    Hi Jennifer~

    I'm sorry that I'm not an alternate, but can you please tell me what SPC stands for? I am applying for the spring semester at St. Philips's College and was wondering if it is the same school you applied to. Thanks!
  4. by   JenniferWarner
    SPC is short for Saint Petersburg College, in Florida.
  5. by   bella_
    Thanks for clarifying that. I do wish you luck and hopefully you'll get in.
  6. by   Yuna450
    Hello there, I am currently number 8 on the alternate list, I have a friend that made it into the spring semester and she was number 9, I just completed my CPR certification, I have not seen the list yet but I have heard that there are a lot of things to complete. I have not heard anything yet.
  7. by   JenniferWarner
    Well hello number eight!! so glad to hear from someone else on the alternate list I have not heard anything yet either..Keeping my fingers crossed. I have heard their are forty alternates..What was you gpa? Mine was 3.7.. I too am worried about the long to do list that the ones who found out July 1 have had an extra month to complete.. Background and drug test,fingerprinting,immunizations, special shoes, books.,etc.. I guess completing theses tasks before school starts must be doable..I feel like I have been waiting forever to find out.. Four months and 26 days to be exact.. I have heard at some point the alternates will have an orientation as well, Glad to have someone to wait with!!
  8. by   chris0003
    Hi Jennifer,

    Do you mind if I ask if all your prerequisites are completed?
  9. by   Yuna450
    Mine is 3.7, all my pre reqs are complete, and I am currently an LPN doing the transition
  10. by   JenniferWarner
    Chris0003, Yes, all pre reqs are complete..
  11. by   sportsgirl5
    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone knows what number they are at on the alternate list for the SPC RN program. I am also an alternate and keep checking my email like crazy to hear something!!