Afraid to transfer credits

  1. I recently got accepted into an ADN program based on the strength of my HS transcript. The school told me I could transfer credits if I wanted from previous college courses, but I did really poorly years ago. 3 F's, 2 B's and one of the F's in a course titled philosophy and medicine. I am afraid with a sub 2.0 gpa and an F in a course with the word in medicine in it they will rescind my acceptance. Is this a legitimate fear, can they do that? It's only six credits so I'm not sure if it's worth the risk.

    *my first post so I hope I put this in the right section
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  3. by   lauriekipp
    They can't really rescind your acceptance, but unless any of those credits will help you out, I don't think I'd mention it...
  4. by   Meeh619
    Ask if all your credits go on that schools official transcript or only the ones that transfer. Now those 2 Bs do you need them for this school? If they say they all will transfer & you don't then I would not give them my transcript.

    Example: I went to school in California I was young did not take it serious i had a lot of good grades but I got some D's & an F. I moved to Texas & half the classes that I took & got good grades on transferred over so I gave them my transcript it hurt my GPA cuz they put everything on my transcript from that school. I thought all schools were that way. But I transferred to the BSN program at a university & my GPA is 3.4. When I transferred they only put the classes I needed on their transcript so all those other classes will not ever show now unless I resurface those other ugly transcripts.

    So only transfer your classes if they are going towards your major. If not there's no need especially if that school is like my first school where they took the transcript didn't count the classes yet they still put them on my transcript.

    Some schools will say well we can't tell you if we take the transfer credit unless you turn in your transcripts, well that's not true there is a website that you can look at here in Texas its TCCN. I don't know where you are but you can google common course numbers for your state. It tells you what courses are the same in different schools when there course numbers are different.

    Hope all this helps, good luck!!