Advice for a high school who is aspiring to be a nurse

  1. Hello, I am currently a Junior in high school. Next year I am applying to universities and am seeking advice for prenursing and undergrad nursing programs. Does anyone know of any universities that have a prenursing program? I have also heard that there are some schools that allow you to automatically be accepted to a nursing school if you take their prenursing program; does anyone know of any specific universities that do this? One final question, does anyone have any tips to improve my resumé? Thanks!
    3.7 GPA
    1800 SAT
    ER volunteer (20 hours per week)
    EMT training
    ROP Hospital Occupations
    Dental Assistant
    Volunteer art teacher and elderly home assistant
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  3. by   Malorymug
    Wow! So much experience already. I'm sure there is lots of advice out there, but I just have one. Learn the stuff. Not just for the tests but because you are going to see the same material again when they build on it. Every time the Kreb cycle comes up I face palm my forehead and kick myself for not memorizing this sucker the first time. I think I've been tested on it 10 times now, and each time I have to relearn it.