ABSN-Union University-Hendersonville Spring 2017

  1. Just wondering if there is anyone on here that has been accepted to or is applying to the accelerated BSN program from Union University in Hendersonville, TN for Spring of 2017. I was accepted last Friday and am looking for connections with other students.
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  3. by   bpball
    I was recently accepted to the Spring 2017 Cohort as well! I am moving from MS. I was wondering when we will get information about orientation and forms for physicals, etc.
  4. by   angelieu
    I'm not sure! I have wondered as well. I received my transcript transfer equivalencies over email today. So exciting!
  5. by   bpball
    Me too! I was conditionally accepted around the end of July because I have to finish my last A & P class, which I am currently in now. Do you already live in Tennessee.
  6. by   angelieu
    I'm finishing up my A and P II class, as well. Yes, I live in a city called Cookeville that is about an hour and a half from Hendersonville. My brother-in-law lives in White House, which is about 20 minutes away, so I may try to stay with him some.
  7. by   bpball
    Great! I am so excited!!
  8. by   emorton6
    I have been accepted! Very excited!
  9. by   michelle2018
    Hello I will be starting the Absn program in Aug 2018, pls what was your experience ? Also does anyone still have their books.
  10. by   angelieu17
    Hi Michelle!

    We just graduated a couple of weeks ago. It is an intense fast-paced program that will stretch you to your limits, but the instructors are wonderful and will support you all the way. You can definitely be successful. I have books to sell if you are interested.
  11. by   michelle2018
    Thank you very much for replying ..am accepted to both Union and Memphis Absn but I have heard amazing things about Union. Do you think Union experience is worth high cost, I noticed their pass rate is high as well, is this true? Thank you for answering .t yes am interested in the books ow can I teach you ?
  12. by   angelieu17
    I think the biggest advantage of the Union program is the professors. They will do whatever is in their power to help you succeed. I have also heard time and again, from hospitals we attended clinical at, that they feel Union students are more prepared than those from other schools. Our cohort has not yet been able to schedule our exams, but I know the groups ahead of us have done well. You can email me at angelahale11@gmail.com
  13. by   michelle2018
    Thank you and congratulations
  14. by   michelle2018
    I will email you right away