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Online Medical Terminology Course Recommendation

by GenesisNataly GenesisNataly (New) New Student

Specializes in Pre-Nursing Student.

Hey Guys and Gals!

I am currently looking to get my Medical Terminology Certification and have been researching different websites but I keep seeing some inconsistencies in pricing and not all offer an actual certification. Some also seem sketch. But I am a California pre-nursing student and I am looking to see if any of you have any recommendations for any great either online or California college courses for Med. Term. that are legit and affordable. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Also if you have had experience with any, please share the duration of the course as well (:

Many thanks!


(ps. Do any of you have any experience with any of these: ExpertRating, Study.com, Corexcel, Coursera? please lmk the tea on them if you have! thx)