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I'm looking for a part time online FNP program which offers best online education and affordable. REally confused withy mixed reviews about many of universities. Can any of the current np students or those who have graduated through online fnp share some information .




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Georgetown University offers an online FNP program and it has a really good reputation.

There's also Kaplan, Keiser, Frontier, and Walden you can look into.


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I' ve looked into Frontier and Walden. Walden is accredited and very minimal requirements to get in and is 36000 including books, but they have no physical location since it is all online and their program is only a few years old. I've also read several bad reviews about their billing practices for students who withdraw early from their classes. You can be done with that program in 18 months for your MSN and they offer fnp and ag acnp (those are the only two I looked at anyway). The ag acnp starts in march and has another 2 weeks until the application deadline. Only 2.5 gpa, no gre, no letters of recommendation required. I've just recently started looking at Frontier, but I'm already quite impressed. They are one of the oldest fnp and nurse midwifery schools in the country, and have a high ranking. Located in KY they have two campus visit requirements. This school appears to take pride in the profession and strongly endorses the DNP which you can add for an additional 17 credit hours as I recall. The cost is about 31000 and an additional 9000 to add your doctorate. I'm not sure if that includes books, however, whereas i know that the 36000 for Walden includes books. Frontier is not for a for profit school, but Walden is for profit. Also the clinicals seem stricter. Walden requires 560 hours and Frontier requires about 650 (plus another 300 or so if you pursue your doctorate). Walden doesn't seem to have too many specific requirements for preceptors, but frontier requires several qualifications of preceptors and a certain number of exams for different patient populations. They were very specific for their requirements. Frontier required a 3.0 gpa, no gre, and 3 letters of recommendation with 2 coming from supervisors. Overall I think I would be proud to say I graduated from Frontier, but Walden I'm not too sure about (though i do believe that i could become a licensed practitioner through Walden in the state of MS). Also another well known school is University of South Alabama. Since I live in south Mississippi this college is very close (about a 45 minute drive). I personally know several people who have attended their school of nursing and I know recent graduates of their nurse practitioner program. I've been told the FNP program is not exceptionally difficult, is all online and only requires 1 visit at the beginning for orientation. Also they are one of the lowest in price I've been told. They offer several nurse practitioner programs and even additional sub specialties. I think their next application deadline is 4/1 with an August or September start date. I personally was hoping to get started sooner which is why I have been looking into other schools. Some other online programs I have heard good things about are University of Maryville, University of Cincinatti, University of South Indiana to name a few.