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I was told to hold off applying for a school because I did not have my BSN by the application deadline even though I would complete it before the start of their program. I asked if I could still apply and they indicated I could but probably would not get an interview unless I was stronger than most candidates in other areas. I got an interview this February even though they did not think I would initially get one. My feeling is what have you got to lose. I was going to apply to UT Chattanooga however they were very blunt that they would not interview candidates unless they had more than one year of ICU experience by the application deadline. I was welcome to apply to get my name in to show my interest, however, they indicated I would not be interviewed, however it could help for future classes. As I do not want to wait for the next year I decided to apply to other programs. I would still consider looking into it though. When I last spoke with them the Director was off for duty in the military until further notice so perhaps others in that program have other feelings. It can only help you, it cannot hurt. Just my two cents.


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That's exactly who I was talking about. I still have a ways to go, but after I graduate from UT Galveston, TX We are moving to Chattanooga and hoepfully will be working at erlanger. I emailed the director of the CRNA program about when to actually start sending in paperwork just for future knowledge and she emailed me two words. "IN JUNE" was the only words on the whole email.

So I got the hint. I'll just work, complete everything I have lined up and then go far it.

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