One Good Night !!!

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We had a truly horrible weekend in all three areas of work...Shipping kids, post partum problems and I can't even make my mind go back to delivery...Anyway, I was on pp when one of the docs came over and told me he liked my poem..I'm thinking, "What poem?" Turns out, a friend of mine had found one I gave her years ago as a joke, copied it and posted it in delivery......


Sanity and lightening speed,

are precious commodities indeed.

Delivery suite abounds with noise,

(AND little girls, AND little boys...)

Staffing is in disarray,

and spirals downward night to day-

Those remaining try their best,

but staffing is a daily test.

Supplies, at best, are out of sight,

(as WE discover,night to night..)

How much work can one nurse do,

Saddled with the work of two?

All my nights run into days,

less rare sleep;fatiguing haze.

Lately its been hard to know,

if DAYS will come, so I can go..

I'm tired of this crazy pace

and fairly sick of the no win race-

I REALLY want to be a nurse,

but I think delivery will kill me first...

My health is shot, my spirits too,

paralleling staffing too..

I see no anecdote in sight,

and all I ask is ONE GOOD NIGHT!

10/22/96 Martha Crowninshield O'Brien RN

Who knew things wouldn't change???;)

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