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Hi all,

I am starting my community rotation tomorrow on an oncology/hematology unit. My instructor just requested that we write 2 personal objectives and explain how they will be met. We will be giving this to our preceptor on the unit.

To be honest, I have NO IDEA what objectives I'd like to meet! It may sound bad, but I just don't know what to expect. I've never worked on any unit like this nor have worked with a patient who has cancer. I chose this as my #1 choice for community for this reason. I wanted to challenge myself in a new setting with unfamiliar diagnoses/situations etc. But when it comes to writing 2 objectives... I am drawing a blank? Any help would be greatly appreciated from you experienced RNs. Maybe just giving me what a day in the life of an oncology entails would be helpful, tasks you perform, things that I can build objectives around to further my knowledge. Thanks!


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sounds like you already have one of your objectives already -- knowledge and learning of the field.... And since you don't know anything about it and you'll have to do some research:

Incorporate findings of nursing research in the delivery of nursing care of oncology patients

Another can be: Identify scientific rationale for nursing interventions.

Don't think too much into it. You probably know what you want, but it's harder to put it into words when you think too hard.

Hope that helps! :-)